Why use a leather apron and who are they suitable for?

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Why use a leather apron and who are they suitable for?

A leather apron is sturdy, tough and very durable. We often call these aprons leather barbecue aprons, but this is actually not the correct term to use. Because a leather apron is suitable for many more situations than just barbecuing. To show you how versatile a leather apron can be, we have listed all the jobs a leather apron is very suited for. A tough leather apron for men and women will look good and protect you at the same time.

What are leather aprons used for?

Leather aprons are very durable and protect your clothes against stains. They are also comfortable and can be used for any job you are likely to get stains. A leather work apron is also there to protect you from heat or sharp objects. A mens leather apron makes a great gift for Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day., especially when you make it a custom bbq apron with the name of the birthday boy. An apron for women is a great gift for Mother’s Day of a birthday. Create a custom leather apron to express how much this woman means to you. A leather apron is a very versatile piece of clothing. To show you how versatile, we have listed ten jobs, you can use a leather apron for. But don’t limit yourself to the jobs on our list. We are confident you can think of some other ways to use your leather apron.

1. Leather apron for bbq

Our leather aprons are mainly used near a barbecue. No wonder, because a leather barbecue apron is exactly what you need. Not only does it make you look tough, it also protects you against the heat and sparks from the barbecue. Any stains can easily be removed from the apron, because of the stain free leather or the stain resistant treatment. It is comfortable to wear and the leather is not as warm as you might expect. A leather apron for grilling is therefore also a great solution at the summer barbecue. When you customize your leather bbq apron with your name, there is no mistake about who is the best barbecue chef at the party. Is one of your friends a known barbecue enthusiast? Customized bbq aprons for men also make a great birthday gift. But a mens bbq apron is not just suited to use when grilling, you can also use it when cooking in the kitchen.

2. Leather apron for cooking

In a kitchen the heat can also become nearly unbearable. When you use your leather apron for cooking, you are well protected against the heat. Also, you are protected against accidents with hot water or sauces. Tomato sauce won’t have anything on you anymore, when you are wearing your tough leather apron. You can just wipe it off with a damp cloth. No problem at all. Furthermore, the leather cooking apron is so comfortable, that it doesn’t hinder your movement. When you don’t use your leather chef apron, it makes for the perfect decoration in your kitchen. Just hang it on a hook in the kitchen and it will look great. And hanging your leather apron is also the best way to store your apron, because it won’t fold, dry out or tear this way. A chefs apron is a great gift for men and women that love to be in the kitchen and create the best dishes.

3. Leather butcher apron

Another job that comes with sharp knifes is a butcher. A leather butcher apron is there to protect you. The thick leather can protect your body, but you will need extra protection for your hands. Butchering also is a very messy job. But luckily you can easily wipe any stains or dirt off the leather. A buffalo leather apron is naturally stain resistant. Because of the cross straps at the back, the apron won’t shift and is really comfortable to wear. Your butchers outfit is not complete without a leather apron. A butchers apron from leather is also very suitable when you want to make sausages or do other meat processing jobs.

4. Leather apron for blacksmithing

A blacksmith works in challenging conditions. The heat of the oven and melted steel, hard hammers and sharp edges on the metal. A sturdy blacksmith apron is able to protect the blacksmith against all these dangers. The leather will reflect the heat so it will not reach your body. Because the leather is thick, it can protect you from the sharp edges of the metal, that you are hammering. A leather blacksmith apron will enable you to create your metal art in a safer way. And the stains will just give the apron character. A leather apron for blacksmithing is also great, when you give a demonstration in your art. Just make sure you always have some leather workshop aprons at hand for visitors to wear, so that they are safe in your blacksmith workshop.

5. Leather apron for woodworking

Woodworking comes with many sharp tools. Even if you don’t use power tools, such as a drill or a saw, it is still a job where an accident can be just around the corner. With sharp chisels, gouges or files, it is good to wear a sturdy woodworking apron. When your tools slip, it is nice to know that your apron for woodworking is there to protect you. When you give workshops in woodworking, you can give every student their own leather apron. You can customize the aprons with logos or with your company name. Or you personalize leather woodworking aprons for every student as a keepsake of the course. It will be a great start of the course, when you can each hand them this beautiful apron, that not only looks great but also protects them during the woodworking. A leather crafters apron can also be used for other crafts than woodworking. An apron for crafts can for example protect your clothes when paint of glue is involved.

6. Leather apron for bartender

As a bar owner, you want your bartenders to look the best they can. With a leather apron for bars it is easy to reach that goal. A leather bartender apron looks professional, but the good looks aren’t the only reason to provide your bartenders with these leather bar aprons. The leather bar apron is water resistant, so when they spill a drink their clothes will stay clean and dry. Red wine can just be wiped off of the leather bar apron. That’s much easier that washing the wine out of your clothes. In the pockets in the apron your bartender can keep his openers or beer skimmers. Use leather brewer aprons for your bartenders with the logo of your favorite brewery to advertise the beer you sell at the bar. A leather barista apron will keep the clothes of your barista free from coffee. Practical and good looks, isn’t that the combination we all want?

7. Leather aprons for restaurants

But the bartender isn’t the only one in your restaurant that needs an apron. Restaurant aprons can be worn by any staff member. Why not dress every employee in your restaurant in the same leather aprons with logos of your restaurant. The cook with will happy with his aprons for restaurant and the protection from the heat in the kitchen it gives him. Waiters can use the pockets in their leather waiter apron to keep their note pads, their handhelds or their wallets. Because they have everything they need at hand in their leather server apron, they can serve your customers faster and better. A leather waist apron doesn’t affect the movement of your employees so they can still serve your guests perfectly. This will increase the revenue of your restaurant and the happiness of your guests. Because of all the staff wears the same leather apron with logo, they can easily be recognized by guests. A leather bistro apron fit perfectly in a steak house, bistro or any restaurant.

8. Leather apron for gardening

When gardening you get dirty and wet fast. A leather gardening apron can help you with that. A short apron makes it easier to bend down, but a long leather gardening apron can keep your knees clean and dry when planting or removing weeds. When you are standing at a table to put your plants in their pots, the apron keeps your clothes clean and dry. With an gardening apron with pockets you keep all your tools at hand. Also you can always take some rope to tie up your plants.

9.. Leather apron for hairdressing

Any hairdresser can tell you, that they struggle to keep everything they need at hand. Luckily a leather hairdresser apron has pockets, where they can keep their sheers and combs. If the pockets in the apron are not enough, you can also add a leather pouch with more pockets to your hairdressing apron. Also, hairdressing can be a messy job. It starts with washing the hair of your client, where you can easily spill the shampoo, water or conditioners. When you dye the hair a spill can really ruin your clothes. And least but not least the hair, that you cut off can go anywhere. Your leather hairdressing aprons are water repellant and stain free and will keep your clothes clean. The hairs will not stick to your apron. A leather apron with pockets is also the perfect solution for a barber. As a barber you want to look as tough as your bearded customers. With a leather barber apron you will. Barber aprons will keep all your tools at hand, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to get a different tool. Everything is right there in the pockets of your barbering apron.

10. Leather apron for tattoo artist

As a tattoo artist you work a lot with ink and that can leave stains. Because a part of the ink will end up on top of the skin, you have to wipe it off often, but when you don’t protect yourself, the ink will stain your clothes. A tattoo apron can prevent that and protect you from accidents with the sharp needle at the same time. When you use a leather apron with custom logo you can show off a small piece of your tattoo art. Because it is important to work in hygienic surroundings, it is important to clean you shop as often as possible. Give your cleaners a leather cleaning apron, so they fit the team and don’t get wet while doing their job.

Why use a leather apron?

As you can see, a leather apron can be used in many ways, but why wouldn’t you use any other type op apron? Cloth aprons can protect you against stains, but not against the heat. Also they are not water resistant. Plastic aprons are water resistant, protect you against stains, but they melt in the heat. Also they don’t have any use when working with sharp object. A leather apron has no issue with all these things. It protects your outfit against the stains, that are very common when cooking. If you work with heat it protects you and it can even withstand sparks. Cloth can easily catch fire, leather can’t. Leather bbq aprons are easy to keep in good condition and easy to clean. All our aprons have received a treatment to become stain resistant or they are made from naturally stain resistant buffalo leather. A crossback apron is comfortable to wear and won’t shift when you move around. But the biggest and most important trade of a leather apron is that they make you look good. Especially when you customize the apron and add your name, nickname or title.

An apron with name

How great is it to have your own customised bbq apron? You can add your name on it or your nickname. Just stay within the maximum possible amount of letters and you can customise an apron exactly the way you want. On our premium model, we can add your name or logo on a metal badge on the apron. On our other aprons your name or logo will be printed on the apron. An apron with name is not only a great gift for yourself, it is also perfect to give to others. If you give a workshop or course in any of the above mentioned arts or jobs, you can hand out aprons with logo. That way anyone can see where your students have learned their skills. If you want to equip your employees with leather aprons, you also use aprons with logo. Your guests or customers can easily see where to go with there questions. You can order your leather apron with name here. Prefer custom leather aprons with logo, they can be found here

Where to buy a leather apron?

Well, that question is easy to answer. You will find your new leather apron not on the high street but with a specialist. We are a specialized webshop for leather aprons. We know we can offer you leather aprons in the best quality, so why would you go anywhere else? Not convinced yet? We can offer you the right leather apron for any job, whether you are looking for comfortable waiting aprons or for sturdy blacksmithing aprons. We can customize the aprons for you with logos or names and we have different aprons in different prices classes. We will be honest, leather aprons aren’t cheap and we probably don’t sell the cheapest leather aprons. But we can guarantee you, that with us you get real value for your money. Our aprons are very durable and can be used for life, when you take care of them properly. Our leather aprons have been produced in the Netherlands by a talented workforce that take pride in their work. We only use the best quality leather and we work as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we are confident to say that you will not be disappointed by your purchase. If you need more information before you want to purchase your aprons for men and womn, please don’t hesitate to contact us.