How to create a sizzling table setting for your bbq dinner party

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The best parties are the parties where everything is right. The food, drinks, decoration, the people and the table setting. So to make your bbq dinner party an absolute success, you need to make sure that everything creates the same sizzling vibe you are aiming for. But you’re in luck, because we at Brickwalls and Barricades have everything you need and more.


How to create a sizzling atmosphere for your BBQ party

When most people think of a barbecue, they think of fire, tough men and big chunks of meat. To apply this theme throughout your bbq party, you have to use robust materials, like metal and leather. We as leather specialists can provide you with all leather accessories you need for your barbecue dinner party. Complete the look with a fire pit and serve your guests large pieces of quality meat. Your bbq party will be the talk of the town long after it took place. But don’t just think about the decorations and table setting, also think about yourself. When you are the chef, you also need to look the part and fit the theme of the party. Don’t worry, we have everything to complete your look.

Leather bbq apron

The first and most important part of your look as the barbecue chef is a leather bbq apron. Because when you don’t look like a professional barbecue chef, how can you expect your guests to trust you with their meat? But a leather barbeque apron has more benefits. The leather will protect your clothes from stains and it will protect you against the heat of the barbecue. They are comfortable and can be used for years. We even have stain free leather barbecue aprons. You just need a damp cloth to wipe you apron clean and you’re done. To improve your professional look even more you can personalize your leather bbq apron with your name or nickname. Or customize a leather barbecue apron for every guest at your party. That will be a great souvenir from an even greater party. And it will make your guests enthusiastic about picking up the barbecue tools and help you create the best barbecue dishes.

Complete your look with leather barbecue gloves

But your look isn’t complete with just a barbecue apron. Complete your look with bbq gloves. These serve as protection for your hands against the heat of the barbecue. When turning the meat, your hands are closest to the barbecue and therefor take the most heat. The barbecue gloves can also serve as oven mitts, so you can safely take bread from the oven without burning your hands. But that’s not all. You can also customize the bbq gloves with your name. For your knifes, we have a leather knife roll, so you always have them at hand to cut the spareribs after grilling them. To make your creations on the barbecue you need tools. A spatula to flip burgers and a pair of tongs to turn the chicken wings and other pieces of meat. The leather knife pouch can also serve as a bbq tool bag, so you always have all the tools at hand. The leather tool bag makes it easy to switch from one tool to another. Now you look the part and fit the theme of your party, it is time to also set the table accordingly.

Table setting with leather placemats and napkin rings

For your table setting you can also use leather. Your table will look sturdy and manly so everyone knows that they are at a barbecue dinner party. Leather placemats will make sure that the plates won’t shift and that any spills won’t reach the table. You can’t set a table for a barbecue party without napkins. Especially when you are planning to serve spareribs or chicken wings, your guests need to be able to clean their hands and mouth. But napkins don’t really fit the tough theme of your party. Luckily we have leather napkin rings for you, so even napkins can look tough. Complete the table setting with other natural materials. Use large pieces of weathered wood as a center piece. Use dark colored plates of, even better, wooden of bamboo plates. For your cutlery we have a different solution.

Leather cutlery pouches

With a barbecue dinner party, the right cutlery is essential. You don’t want your guest to completely butcher your high quality meat, because they don’t have the right knife. So first of all, you need a sharp and sturdy steak knife on the table. But it is important to keep these sharp knifes away from children to prevent accidents from happening. We have a stylish solution, a leather cutlery pouch. Just put the knife together with a fork and spoon in the pouch. It makes it easier to set the table, and these leather cutlery pouches are also suitable for a walking dinner or a buffet. Just put them at the end of the buffet. Your guests can easily grab a pouch and have everything at hand to eat your delicious creations.

Leather wine bottle cooler

What is a barbecue without drinks? Keep you bottles of beer and soda in a tub that is filled with ice to keep the drinks nicely chilled. For wine, we have a different solution, a leather wine bottle cooler. This wine bottle is made from Italian buffalo leather, which looks amazing and is very sturdy. The inside of the wine bottle chiller is double walled and stainless steel and will actually chill your wine. Because the leather insulates, the stainless steel and the wine will keep cool for a longer period of time. The wine bottle chiller is also suitable for larger bottles of beer.


We have everything you need to make your next barbecue dinner party a great success. Because good food and drinks are essentials, we provide you with a leather apron and bbq gloves to become a professional barbecue chef and we help you to keep the drinks cool. Set your table with leather placemats and other leather accessories and you are ready. People will remember your party and will be eager to come back again next year.