"The Premium Classic" 100% Stain-Free Leather Apron

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This apron is not only a comfortable fit but also easy to maintain. It is 100% stain-free as it treated with a unique coating that facilitates easy cleaning. A simple damp cloth is all you need to get the spills off the apron. 

Grease and oil leave not a single trace! It features rugged and Indestructible buffalo leather straps that are adjustable for your desired fit. 

Made with premium quality South-American buffalo leather tanned and handcrafted in Holland, this apron is a favourite with BBQ’ers, bartenders, brewers, and florists. It features antique silver hardware  from Italy and a handy metal snap ring that holds your towel and other tools. 

-Handcrafted in Holland from European materials only

-100% stain-free (including oil and grease) & waterproof surface

-Premium quality South-American buffalo leather, tanned in Holland

-Very soft and comfortable to wear

-Dimensions 62 x 85 cm, waist strap fits up to 130cm circumference

-With handy metal snap ring for holding your towel or other tools 


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