With many years of experience in the leather industry combined with the demands of our end-users in mind, we developed our leathers and protective coatings in close cooperation with our tannery. Our impregnated leathers are especially developed for aprons in high demanding environments and therefore very easy to maintain and clean.

No machine washing is needed, just a simple whipe-off with a damp cloth after every use will do! Do not use any soaps or cleaners as this will affect our protective coating and can damage the leather.

We recommend occasional use of our natural leather wax to keep your apron in optimum condition. The wax is suitable for all kind of leather items, but is specially developed for leather aprons. It contains several mineral oils and waxes, among others beeswax and carnauba wax, which nourishes the leather, keeps it nice and supple and makes the leather more water-repellent and resistant to stains. Apply a small amount of the product sporadically with a (cotton) cloth and rub it out over the full surface of the apron.

Buy our natural maintenance wax here.

For storage we recommend hanging your apron on a hook. This makes not only a cool decor piece, but also keeps your apron in the most natural shape. Rolling is alternatively also an option for storing your apron, or for taking it along with you on the go.