"The Premium X-Cross" - The Best Leather Crossback Apron

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REOur absolute bestseller! This unisex leather cooking apron / leather bbq apron for men and women is perfect for people who wear aprons all day long. It is so comfortable that it feels like part of your outfit. It is a leather cross back apron that features shoulder straps for...
  • Black
  • green
  • brown
  • grey
  • Tan

REOur absolute bestseller! This unisex leather cooking apron / leather bbq apron for men and women is perfect for people who wear aprons all day long. It is so comfortable that it feels like part of your outfit. It is a leather cross back apron that features shoulder straps for maximum all-day comfort and hinders straining around the neck. 

This leather apron for men and women comes in four trendy colours: black, brown, green, and grey. The apron features sturdy buffalo leather straps that cross in the back for secure protection. It is loved by chefs, butchers, bartenders, barista's and brewers and is the ultimate leather BBQ apron but also very suitable for barbers and hairdressers. Get this chic apron and stay fresh and classy throughout your activities! 

  • professional leather apron
  • Handcrafted in Holland from European materials only
  • 100% stain-free (including oil and grease) & waterproof surface
  • Premium quality buffalo leather, tanned in Italy, finished with our unique stain-proof coating in the Netherlands
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear
  • Dimensions 62 x 85 cm
  • Cross back shoulder straps fits up to +/- 110 cm circumference
  • With handy metal snap ring for holding your towel and 2 pockets to keep all you needs nearby
  • This multi purpose crossback apron is perfect suited as leather cooking apron, barista apron, butchers apron, bar apron, bartender apron, barber apron and even as gardener apron. Although most beloved by BBQ'ers and pitmasters als the most cool and comfy mens BBQ apron.


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Model Name:

The Premium X-Cross



  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Tan



Premium quality Buffalo Leather. This leather is super soft and comfortable to wear, just like a piece of clothing.

This is not a stiff leather apron that needs time for wearing in and softening the leather. This buffalo leather apron is soft and smooth, straigth from the box!


100% Stain-Proof:

All items in our premium collection are specially design for professional use and are 100% stain-proof. But what does this mean?

A lot of leather apron manufacturers claim their apron leathers are stain resistant, but this isn't true in our opinion. These kind of aprons are stain resistant, when cleaned right away after the stain occurs, and it doesn't include oil or grease and also substances as coffee and red wine will for sure leave their traces. But when you want to use a leather apron in a professional environment, for sure this spillings will occur,  and will ruin your apron right away (unless you like the weathered look with lots of stains).

We developed in close cooperation with our tanery a special coating which assures the pores on the front of the leather are fully closed. This way, no stains can be absorbed by the leather and we can guarantee you that your apron is absolutely stain-proof, no matter what you throw at it, you will always be looking crisp and sharp. Just a simple whipe-off will do (weyher right away, or at the end of the shift, this will be no problem also). 

Extra advantage: due to the closed pores, the leather is also splash water proof, so ideal for bartenders, brewers, barbers and gardeners who will often get wet during their jobs.



Premium quality Italian hardware from skin friendly zinc alloy (anti-allergic) with beautiful antique silver plating.

This way you can rest assured that the hardware we use will not cause any allergic reactions when in contact with your skin. Our aprons, opposite to many other leather aprons, have antique silver plating colour instead of hardware with antique gold/brass plating color. This is quite uncommon.

We think the antique silver looks much nicer, but what you might not know, is that silver hardware is often 50% or more expensive then brass hardware. So this once more confirms that we don’t make any concessions in our quality and design choices, just for the sake of price. We just want to make the best aprons we can think of!


12 Month Guarantee:

Brickwalls and Barricades products are made to last a lifetime.

Making premium quality products is our best USP. But anyone can make mistakes or sometimes things can just break. Rest assured that all of our products come with a 12 month guarantee. This means that we will replace or fix your apron for free if anything would break in the first year. 


Free Shipping: 

We always ship all orders to The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria totally free of charge. We even offer worldwide free shipping on all order above 250 Euro.

Shipping fee's for all orders that don't apply for free shipping , will be calculated at your shopping basket during the check-out process. You can also consult our shipping information page for more details.


Shipping Time:

We can't give any guarantees on exact shipping times, but in general the below shipping times can be used as a guideline (please note these are business days):

  • Netherlands: 1-2 days
  • Europe & UK: 2-5 days
  • USA & Canada: 5-15 days
  • Rest of the World 10-15 days

All your items will be shipped directly from our stock in our warehouse in The Netherlands, but please allow us a order processing time of 1 -3 business days.



"The Premium X-Cross" - The Best Leather Crossback Apron

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