How to store your knives safely and in style

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How to store your knives safely and in style

Whether you’re a professional chef, an near-professional home cook or the barbecue specialist in your family, you’re nothing without your knives. They are always by your side when you are doing your magic. To keep your cooking results at a professional level, you must make sure that your knives are always in top condition and ready to be used. So don’t stop reading now, because we know how you can store your knives safely and in style: in leather. With a leather knife bag, a leather knife roll or a leather blade guard, you can show off your cooking skills and look tough at the same time. Complete the look with a leather bbq apron or even a sturdy leather butcher apron and nobody will question your barbecue skills ever again. Furthermore, you will always have your favorite knife at hand in the best possible condition.


How to keep your knifes in the best condition

Good quality knives are expensive but when you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime. Part of this care is keeping your knives dry and sharp. We don’t have to tell you because you, as a chef, already know: a knife is no good when it’s not sharp. When storing your knife in a kitchen drawer, the edge will be damaged and become blunt. So you need to find a different way to store your knives. Professional chefs often use a knife roll bag. This is a type of bag with a specific pocket for each of your knives, that you can roll up. This makes the knives easy to carry. Especially traveling chefs or caterers, that cook somewhere else everyday use this type of bag. They are often made out of fabric, but a leather knife roll bag is more robust and looks amazing.


Leather Knife Bags

We love leather and so will you. Leather is sturdy and it looks tough. When you arrive at a barbecue party, you will be the center of attention. It makes you look professional and your friends simply can’t wait to taste your cooking. But the knife bags for chefs are not just for a good look, they are also vital to keep your knives sharp and in top condition. There are different types of bags, but the most popular type is the knife roll bag. They are available in different sizes, from four up to twelve knives and are suitable for large, professional knives.


Leather Knife Rolls

As you probably already understood from the name, a knife roll bag is a bag for knives that you can roll up. You have probably seen these type of bags before, especially if you watch cooking shows like Masterchef of My Kitchen rules. When a knife roll bag is opened, it looks like a flat canvas or piece of leather with smaller pouches. You store your knives in these pouches. Because each knife is in a separate pouch, they are well protected. After you put the knives in the pouches, you simply roll the bag. You can close the bags with a snap fastener. In the case of leather knife rolls a belt of the same material is often used to close the bag. Most of our bags have a shoulder strap.


Leather Blade Guards

If you want to store your knives in the kitchen, we have another solution for you, leather blade guards. With these knife sheaths from leather you can store your expensive knives in every kitchen drawer. They are perfect for you if you cook at home most of the time and gives you the opportunity to use your normal kitchen drawers. The leather guards are placed on the blade of the knife. This helps you in two ways. First of all, you can’t cut yourself when you are reaching for a knife in the drawers. When you’re cooking, you can be stressed and have to grab a knife fast, whilst keeping an eye on your pots and pans on the stove. With unprotected knives, this can lead to a dangerous situation . Leather blade guards can prevent an unfortunate accident from happening. Secondly, you protect your knives. When knives are next to and on top of each other in a drawer, the blades will scrape against each other. This will cause damaged and blunt blades. With a knife sheath from leather you can prevent this. Using a leather blade guard, your knives will stay in top condition and will always be ready for action. Blade guards can also be used as added protection in your knife bag.


Who needs a leather knife bag?

Well, who doesn’t? Knife bags are originally designed for professional chefs, that need to travel or want to protect their knives. When you’re a caterer, knife roll bags give you the opportunity to take your knives wherever you need them. Butchers are nowhere without their knives. Using a leather knife bag protected your unique knives and makes it easy to keep them with you and available for use at any time. When you make or sell knives, you can use a leather knife bag to take your knives to your potential customers. Folding open the sturdy, leather bag with a range of your knives will give a great first impression. If you’re an enthusiastic home-cook, a leather knife roll bag is a great way to keep your knifes in great condition and away from your children. At the same time is makes it easier to move your own knives, when you want to cook at de friend’s house.


Complete your look

To be taken seriously as a chef you want to look the part. To complete your look with your leather knife bag, you can use a leather apron. Every chef wears a chef’s jacket or an apron to protect themselves and work hygienically in the kitchen. A leather aprons keep you protected against splashes and the heat of the stove or the barbecue. When grilling on the barbecue your leather bbq apron also protects you against sparks.


Taking good care of your leather knife bag

To keep your leather knife bag in the best condition, you have to take good care of it. The best way to take care of your leather is with our natural leather maintenance wax. This wax contains linseed oil, beeswax and cornauba wax. It will keep the leather moisturized and therefor flexible and prevents cracks and tears. Also, it makes the leather water-repellent and makes sure that that the leather doesn’t absorb stains. The right leather wax will keep your leather knife bags and your leather aprons beautiful and functional.


You’re the chef

With your leather knife roll bag, everyone will see that you’re the chef, whether you’re a professional chef or not. And with the right bag, you not only look the part, you will be able to work as a professional. Your knives will be always sharp and ready to cut, slice or chop whatever you need. You will create your best cooking and will wow everyone with your culinary creations.