Must have leather aprons & leather goods for gastronomy

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Must have leather aprons & leather goods for gastronomy

Welcome to the wonderful world of Brickwalls and Barricades, the place for all the hip and authentic entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the chefs and butchers who love their craft as much as we our leather aprons. This is thé place for you to discover all your necessities to make sure your workplace is as top notch as the products that we create and offer.

At Brickwalls and Barricades we understand the value of running your business with passion, integrity while maintaining the highest form of quality in all aspects of your business. From the delicious dishes you serve, the premium meat that you sell or the unique cocktails you create. Quality always comes first and that is why our designs and products are a musthave for you, we promise.


Let's get to know each other a bit better

First allow us to tell you a little bit about myself and my company. My name is Ramona Schaepkens and I'm the owner and founder of Brickwalls and Barricades. I have worked with leather practically my entire life, but after 2 decades of working in a commercially driven branche, I decided it was time to take the next step in my career and I really wanted to focus more on my own values. Creating items that were mass produced, just so we could offer a lower price often also meant that I could not always fully appreciate the quality that was delivered. I knew that I wanted to change that. Leather is such an incredibly beautiful material to work with, it deserves better. The customers deserved better. I am very passionate about creating sustainable products that you will cherish and love for many, many years. And that is how Brickwalls and Barricades was born.

Creating my own company meant that I could also create my own products that would meet my standards of quality. I did not want to create regular aprons that you could purchase anywhere and everywhere. I wanted to create sustainable and well designed aprons that would last you a long time. I wanted to deliver the créme the la créme, because you deserve the best. Of course we don’t just offer high quality leather aprons. We offer many different products and we would love to take this opportunity to tell you more about these items. Besides leather bbq aprons, Brickwalls and Barricades also offers a barista apron, a bartender apron, menu covers, a leather butcher apron, leather placemats, a leather chefs apron and the list goes on and on. You can also always get all items personalized. And let’s be honest, who does not like a personalized item? It just makes you feel so special. Can you imagine the smile on your chefs face when you hand them a personalized apron? One with your company’s name on it and their own name in the upper corner? Talk about making your employees feel extra special! Those small gestures mean a lot and don’t go by unnoticed. And that is something that is very fitting to Brickwalls and Barricades. Like I said, we value quality over quantity and only deliver products that, besides being very high quality, also will some extra joy in to your workplace.


The most wonderful leather aprons you will ever need

We are specialized in creating leather aprons that can be utilized by anyone who wants to stay protected during their time in the kitchen, the factory or behind the bar to name a few places. But let’s be honest, these aprons are so awesome that anyone can use them. They are also wildly popular in hair salons and amongst butchers. Basically anyone who wants or needs to wear an apron is our customer. We want to make sure we got everyone covered because we believe that our apron is an added value to you. The great thing about our aprons is that they don’t just look fabulous, they also have other more practical benefits. To name a few:

  • You will be protected against the heat
  • The aprons are extremely comfortable to wear
  • It does not take a lot to maintain the aprons due to the quality of the material and the design
  • They are very easy to clean and to top that, we also offer aprons that are made from stain free material
  • The aprons are sustainable
  • Did we already mention that you would look amazing in our designs? :)

We offer our aprons for men and women but also offer unisex designs. This way we can guarantee you that you will find the perfect match amongst our assortment. All our leather aprons are handmade in our atelier in the Netherlands. We guarantee a high quality of leather and a high quality finished product. You might find more affordable aprons online but we guarantee you that they first of all won’t be made from leather, because there are no ‘cheap leather aprons’, and second of all, they will not last you a long time. You might think that you have a good deal but if you have to replace your apron every 4-6 weeks you will spend way more that you initially intended to spend. Why not invest in a sustainable good quality leather apron that will last you a very long time? I mean, let’s keep it real. When you are purchasing new running shoes, you also don’t go for the 20 dollar pair that is made with cheap materials. Your running sessions will be a hell. Your feet will hurt, you won’t be comfortable and you will wear them out so fast, before you know it you are spending another 20 dollars to replace them and then another 20 dollars and so on. When you are purchasing your running shoes, you want quality and you want to invest in that. You go for topnotch brands like Nike or Adidas sneakers that are especially designed for the sole purpose of running comfortably and increasing your performance. See us as the Nike or Adidas within the leather apron game. We are the Chanel and Dior in our field. We are the Tesla amongst non eco-friendly cars. We are incredibly sustainable and our aprons are so incredibly well made, that even Mr. Tesla himself Elon Musk would be jealous of the quality and sustainability.


Different types of leather aprons

The Butcher Apron

Currently we offer several type of leather aprons that can be used for different purposes. We have aprons with a main focus for butchers, chefs and non professionals who like to bbq, barista’s and bartenders. One of our most popular aprons is “The Butcher”. This is an unisex butchers apron with a singular shoulder strap like the historic French butcher aprons. This apron is also available with two diagonal shoulder straps, this is mostly preferred by women because it offers extra support and creates more comfort. It is a one size fits all apron with an extra wide width so it is suitable for all body types. From the petite ladies to the big boys, it will be a perfect fit for everyone. The use of the one shoulder strap is mostly preferred within professions where people have to wear the apron for long hours. Because it is a singular diagonal strap it does not weigh heavy on your shoulders and you have more movement availability which is great, especially if you have to do some heavy lifting and you need to be able to move your arms freely, like for example a butcher does.

The apron is 100% stain free and is made from premium quality South-American buffalo leather. And when we say 100% stain free, we mean 100% stain free. No need to worry about oil, fat or other liquids that would normally cause a huge stain. With our stain free aprons you will have an apron that feels brand new every single day. The leather feels soft and the apron is very comfortable to wear. The butcher apron also comes with an extra department in the front where you can keep all your necessities. Even though this apron is called the “butcher apron” and it is mostly used in by butchers, we have seen a big trend within different fields and professions too where people prefer this classic apron. From bartenders and barista’s to hairdressers and hobby chefs who like to cook at home. And we understand why. When you are busy doing what you are doing, cooking, bartending, or cutting hair, you want to stay as clean as possible and you want to be protected against heat and dirt. And this apron guarantees to meet those wishes fully.

This apron can be personalized by adding your company logo, a name or anything else you wish.

You can find this leather apron here on our website.

The premium Bistro regular or long

The premium Bistro apron is perfect for those that work in a restaurant or cafe. It is also known as the waiter apron in the gastronomy world. It is our number one bestseller for companies within the gastronomy industry. This leather apron is also made from 100% authentic and first-class South American buffalo leather. This apron comes in two sizes. The regular one has measurement of 33,5 x 46,5 cm which offers you coverage while still allowing you to move freely. This apron in this particular size is considered a ‘half size’ within the industry. This is mainly used by servers and waiters who walk a lot but still want to keep their body protected. The longer version has a measurement of 60 x 62,5 cm which is great for bartenders and barista’s. People that need some extra coverage because their is a higher chance that they might spill some liquids while making the drinks. This apron is being tied around your waste and you will barely notice you have the apron on while you are working.

Both versions of the premium bistro apron are 100% stain free and waterproof and that is why these aprons are the perfect aprons for restaurants and cafe's. The apron comes with a build in department in the front where items can be stored and on the side you can find a metal carabiner. This is a perfect place to hang your towel or needed tools. This apron is not only used by people that work in the gastronomy industry, it is also very handy for people like hairdressers, make up artists and gardeners.

This apron can be personalized by adding your company logo, a name or anything else you wish.

You can find the short bistro here and the long bistro apron here on our website. 


Leather goods for gastronomy that are a must have

Besides aprons made from leather, we offer different leather items that will be very useful in the world of gastronomy. The aprons are great to protect yourself while you are on the job, but the other leather items are a must have too, trust us. We don’t only want to protect you from stains and heat with our amazing aprons, we also want to think further than that and see how we can make your life a bit easier. That is why we also developed leather placemats, leather coasters, leather wine coolers, leather waiter pouches and leather menu’s to name a few items.
All these items can be personalized with your company logo. This way you will make a lasting impression on your guests. You will look cool and chic at the same time.

All these items are durable and sustainable and are easy to maintain. You can clean them off just as easy and because they are made from our high quality leather they will last you a very long time.
Let’s talk about visuals. When someone visits your venue, let it be a cafe or restaurant, you want to make an impression. You want to create a vibe that will make customers return again and again. This is not only done by the food and drinks that are served, or by the service offered. This is also accomplished by the atmosphere that you create. Attention to detail is very important. You can create the most gorgeous and delicious dish served on a beautiful ceramic plate, but if it is served on top of a plastic or paper placemat you already take away so much from its amazingness away. You instantly will create a cheap vibe and you don’t want that. Imagine how glorious your dish will look on that beautiful ceramic plate when it is served on top of a luxurious leather placemat, perhaps even with your logo on it. The food and drinks that you serve deserve this. Your customers deserve this. You deserve this.


Advantages of leather products versus products made of plastic and fabric

We can give you a simple and short answer or a long one, which one do you prefer? If you like to keep it short and sweet, here is your answer why leather is better: Leather is reliable and gets the job done. It is a preferred choice that guarantees protection, durability, safety and practicality.
When you use high quality leather that is stain free you can use it for a very, very long time and it will maintain its quality. If you use products of plastic or cotton you will have to put more time, money and energy in maintaining these and you will have to replace them much faster than when you are using leather goods. Plastic placemats are single use items. Leather placemats can be used for years. Leather aprons can be wiped clean easily while cotton ones will be needed to get washed daily. This is not very eco friendly and also the more time you will wash your apron, you will notice that the quality will become less and less and you will have to replace your apron faster compared to the use of a leather apron.
Leather is a beautiful, sturdy and durable material that is easy to maintain with a long lifespan.


Let's get personal

Leather items are a necessity and I hope this post offered you some additional information about just that. Don't forget that most of our items can be personalized. A personalized apron or a branded apron is also a very cool gift to give to your staff or friends. It does not matter if you are purchasing as restaurant wholesalers or if you are looking for a birthday gift for your best friend. Personalized items are always the way to go. An apron with your name on it will make you feel like you are the king or queen of your workplace. These custom aprons will make you look extra cool on the job!

Brickwalls and Barricades is the place to get your leather placemat, your custom aprons, your bartender apron, your barista apron, your butchers apron or your leather menu covers. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out.