Custom bbq aprons, the perfect gift for him

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Custom bbq aprons, the perfect gift for him

Did you always want to look like a real pro working behind your barbecue? Or do you know a real barbecue enthusiast who needs to upgrade his look? Whether you are grilling with your family, your friends or your colleagues, you want them to know that you are the chef. With a custom bbq apron with your name on it everyone can see that you know what you’re doing. Custom barbecue aprons are also an awesome unique gift for anyone that loves to grill. You can also personalize a bbq apron with a funny name or a special message. Just choose the right apron, decide what name or text you want to add and order.

Personalized leather bbq apron

A personalized leather bbq apron is an awesome gift. There are numerous occasions to surprise a barbecue enthusiast or a passionate home cook with their own custom bbq apron. Our leather aprons are suitable for both men and women. It’s a great birthday gift or a perfect present to give your dad on Father’s Day. If you are looking for an original gift for Christmas or an anniversary, a custom leather barbecue apron might just be the answer. And don’t forget about yourself. Why wouldn’t you give yourself the gift of a custom leather apron, which will make you look like an experienced barbecue chef. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time.

Which leather apron will you choose to personalize?

For your custom barbecue apron we have two options. The Premium X-cross leather aprons and the Slim-Cross leather aprons. Both aprons are made from premium quality European cow leather and have a sturdy and tough look. Our personalized bbq aprons for him and her in one size to fit most (be sure to choose the Premium X-Cross for the bigger men, or e-mail us for an XL version for the really big boys. The shoulder straps are crossed at the back for loads of comfort. They will protect you from the heat of the barbecue and will keep your clothes clean. Both types are available in different colors and styles. You can add a name, nickname or another text to both models. Even though leather aprons are mainly called barbecue aprons, they are not only suited for grilling. They are water repellant or resistant (depending on the model) and tough enough for many different jobs. Hair dressers, barista’s, butchers and gardeners will also be very happy to receive a great leather apron.

The very best leather apron of premium quality

Our Premium X-cross apron is made from buffalo leather and is our best-seller of all times. Buffalo leather is very high-end and sturdy looking, but it’s also supple and comfortable to wear right from the start. The apron is soft and completely stain free. Even fat and oils will not leave stains on the leather, this is unique! Furthermore, the leather is water resistant. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable. The two pockets will allow you to keep all your barbecue tools at hand. The snap-ring in the apron is specifically designed to carry a cloth or towel. Your name or logo is laser engraved on the metal badge of the leather apron. This apron is made from premium quality apron leather of the highest quality and is. the most professional apron available in the market, and you can order your apron right here. However, if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, we also have the Slim-Cross apron.

Budget friendly leather apron

The Slim-Cross apron is cheaper without having to compromise on quality. The apron is smaller, so less material is needed which reduces costs. The Slim-Cross apron is made from cow leather that is treated with a stain- and water-repellant coating. Because this apron is shorter, it is also suitable for shorter people or people who prefer more leg-space to move around. It doesn’t have pockets and the shoulder straps are slimmer. But because the complete weight of the apron is less, they are still very comfortable. The apron doesn’t have a metal badge, but the name or logo will be laser engraved on the leather itself. You can order it here.

Mens bbq aprons personalized with name

Grilling is mainly a men thing. Somehow the fire and meat bring out primal instincts, that all men still have. That's why mens bbq aprons personalized with name are a great gift for most, if not every, man in the world. The leather looks tough and when it gets used more often it will look even tougher. With the right barbecue tools, a beer at hand and a smoking barbecue the look is complete. And even when the custom bbq aprons are not used, they still look great. Just hanging in the kitchen they are great decoration. The natural colors will blend with every kind of interior.

Custom bbq apron for dad

Do you have one of those dads impossible to buy a gift for? Many dads already have everything they want, so you need to be creative. If your dad loves to barbecue in the summer, you don’t have to look any further for a great gift for your dad. You just personalize a bbq apron for him. It’s a great gift for his birthday or for Father’s Day. Because you can customize the text on the apron you can order an apron with name or add another text, like ‘dad’ or ‘the best dad’. With our custom bbq aprons the only limitation is your imagination. And the maximum amount of letters, but you will be able to work with that. If both your parents are enthusiastic cooks, a pair of custom bbq aprons would also be a great gift for their wedding anniversary. You can add their wedding date or both their names to symbolize their unity. If you’re lucky, they will celebrate their next anniversary with a barbecue, so you can enjoy their grilling skills.

Custom leather barbecue aprons for Christmas

Maybe barbecuing isn’t the first thing you associate with celebrating Christmas. But winter bbq’s are more popular than ever. No wonder, grilled meat is delicious in any season and you can warm yourself to the heat of the barbecue. It’s really cozy when your whole family gathers around the barbecue to enjoy the warmth and delicious food and drinks. As a great original gift for Christmas, you can personalize a bbq apron for every member of your family and organize a Christmas barbecue. Everyone can show off their bbq skills and together you can enjoy each other’s company, while enjoying some healthy competition and a great meal. It’s a different way to celebrate Christmas, but just as nice. Maybe it will even start a brand new Christmas tradition for your family.

Custom bbq aprons as a business gift

Do you have a tough manly brand or do you sell products, that are related to barbecues or barbecuing? We have the best business gift for you. We can customize our leather aprons with your company name or logo. Your customers or business relations will be pleasantly surprised with such a unique but practical gift. When you host cooking or barbecue workshops, you personalize a bbq apron with your logo or with the name of the participants. Handing out these unique customs bbq aprons is a great way to start the course and it helps everyone to learn each other’s names. Contact us for our special prices for businesses.

Complete the custom look

To complete the barbecue look we also have custom barbecue gloves available, you can find them here. These are great a follow-up gift after you have given a custom leather apron. For example, when you have given your father a custom barbecue apron for Father’s Day, you can give him barbecue gloves with his name the next year on his birthday. With the gloves you complete his look, so he can shine at every family barbecue. You can add a name or logo to customize these gloves. So what are you waiting for, get yours now!
Below a short video on how we laser engrave our leather aprons