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Leather Aprons for BBQ and Gastronomy

Leather Aprons for BBQ and Gastronomy

We are specialized in leather BBQ aprons and leather aprons for professional use. Wether your are a chef, bartender, barista, hairdresser or butcher.... our aprons are a smart choice for you as they:

  • protect you from heat
  • save your outfit from stains, splashes and sparks
  • are comfortable to wear all day long
  • are low in Maintenance and easy to clean (even Stain free options)
  • save your money and our planet
  • make you simply look awesome ;)


Leather Aprons for Men and Women

all our handmade aprons from leather have a unisex fit for both men & women. Check out our many options to find your perfect match


    Fair and Sustainable

    Please note there is no such thing as a cheap leather apron. Due to the long product lifecycle our aprons from genuine cow leather are excellent value for money. But if you buy really cheap ones, someone else is paying the price. All our aprons are responsibly handmade in our own workshop in the Netherlands by grown-ups with the highest regards to sustainability as possible. So please choose wisely when selecting the supplier for your leather apron.

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