"Born to Grill" Limited Edition Leather BBQ Apron

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Only for real grillers! This limited edition leather grill-apron is the absolute must-have for every BBQ lover.

-Handcrafted in Holland from European materials only

-Unisex BBQ-apron with laser engraving "Born to Grill"

-Dimensions 62 x 85 cm, waist strap fits up to 130cm circumference

-Special stain repellant coating for first protection

-European cow leather, tanned in Holland with special stain repellant coating

-Rugged and indestructible buffalo leather straps

-Antique silver Italian hardware

-With handy double front pocket and towel strap

-The special dirt-repellent coating ensures that spills on the apron can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. But grease gives the leather a nice authentic patina. In order to keep the apron in optimal condition, we recommend the occasional use of our special, 100% natural leather wax for leather aprons.

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