Leather placemats: upscale your table decor

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Leather placemats: upscale your table decor

How to give your table setting a touch of class: with rustic leather placemats and coasters made of heavy-weight, vegetable tanned leather! Whether a fanatic foodie who wants to add a bit of organic luxury to their table décor or upscale gastronomy professionals who want to dot the I’s in their luxury restaurant presentation; a leather placemat is the spectacular finishing touch to any table, for every meal of life.


Functionality meets sustainability and style

What better way to add style and 5-Star elegance to your table setting, than with a stunning leather table decoration. Choose from a plethora of beautiful rustic colors and textures to match your unique style and home décor. Our placemats are sure to add a touch of finesse to any table when eating and drinking with family and friends. You can also pair them with matching (or contrasting) coasters to complete the setting.

Ultimate Protection

The 100% genuine cow-leather placemats from Brickwalls and Barricades are made to protect your table surface from moisture, stains and scratches and are intended to handle anything from a light brunch to a family feast for a lifetime to come. All items are fairly made by hand in our own workshop from responsibly sourced, vegetable tanned, European cow hides which are sustainably tanned in the Netherlands. You can rest assured to buy a responsible and fair leather product that will last a lifetime and is easy to maintain and clean. Due to the very long product lifecycle of our products, the use of a beautiful organic by-product of our food sources and the reduction of water use due to the lack of washing linens, these placemats are sure to decrease our human footprint on this planet.


How to clean a leather placemat?

All  placemats in our collection are very easy to clean. They are made by hand from unique leather which was developed for this specific use. During the final stages of the tanning process, the leather was treated with a special dirt-repellent coating, ensuring that any spills can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The only further maintenance it needs, besides a simple wipe-off, is a very occasional waxing with all-natural leather preserver to keep the leather hydrated and in optimum condition to ensure its longest lifetime. Easy right?! Our special 100% natural leather wax which consist among others of Carnauba bees wax and linseed oil, is absolutely perfect for your leather placemat (but is also adored by your leather apron, leather jacket or leather sofa), and can be bought here.


How to define the highest quality?

all our items are handcrafted by skilled crafts(wo)men in our own workshop in the Netherlands. This way we can assure fair and honest artisan leathercraft towards the highest possible standards. The materials we use are all made from European A-grade skins only and are vegetably tanned in the Netherlands. Many other items in the market are made from B-grade leathers or consist of stitched pieces of scraps which are sewn together. This is a great way to reduce production costs, but also a great reduction in the quality of the final product you pay for. These mats may look ok on first sight, but wear and tear will more rapidly show when using them day to day, resulting in a disappointing look and product life expectancy.

Genuine Cow Leather Only

Did you know that according to international standards you are allowed label a product as “genuine leather” when it contains only 7% (!) or more genuine leather. It hurts our leather loving hearts to touch and see these bonded leathers made of all kinds of crappy materials with just a small amount of leather inside, labeled as genuine leather. Also, any kind of animal skin at any layer of the hide is allowed to be called leather. At Brickwalls and Barricades 100% genuine leather, is 100% genuine organic cow leather. Just the real deal, nothing else!               

The leathers we use for our placemats are the very best of the best and all at least 3mm thick. This way they are robust looking and heavy in weight, assuring a great stick on your table and the best quality to last a lifetime. No slippery thin sheets that will fold and bend like sheets of paper after several uses. But thick and heavy cow leather that will look good for time to come, and even improves it’s look and character by its years. Finally, all our table mats have a full round stitching around the borders for the ultimate finishing touch of luxury and class: design is all in the details!


How to select the best ones for me?

The final step in selecting the ultimate leather placemat for you, is just up to preference and taste. Let’s start by the shape: at Brickwalls and Barricades we offer round placemats and rectangular ones in 2 different sizes. The round one’s are a contemporary design favorite. It doesn’t take much effort to make any table pop in a stylish and modern way when using these placemats as the canvas for your dinner setting.

The square placemats are more classic in appearance but offer more space for cutlery and décor besides your plate. It’s large sturdy frame, shows more leather and therefor bringing it’s natural and rustic aesthetic more evidently to the table. At the moment we offer 2 different types of placemats: “The Raw” model and “The Style” model (and additionally we also offer a fully stain-free thin leather table mat ->”The Pocket Placemat XL”). 


"Raw" Collection

The items in the “Raw” collection are sturdy and tough as can be with lots of character. It is a representation of superior and experienced leather craftsmanship that has been put into it, to make it an inspiring and sustainable product. Made from fully chromium free, vegetable tanned, buffalo leather with an authentic marbling effect, every single piece is a unique piece of art. Dimensions of color provide depth and warmth to enhance the luxurious look of this stunning leather, bringing rugged understated luxury to any dining experience. These premium quality leather placemats are 3+mm thick and are available in black and brown. They are finished with a protective coating and therefor easy to clean and maintain to last a lifetime with natural patina that will improve with use and age. These rectangular placemats come in the most generous dimension of 33 x 46 cm (13 x 18,11 inch). The round placemat measures 38cm (15 inch) in diameter.


"Style" Collection

Made from the finest vegetable tanned cow leather, the black leather placemats in the “Style” collection are a sign of sophisticated elegance and refined style. These modern and timeless placemats are available in a stylish smooth surface as well as in a stunning debossed version with a crocodile relief pattern. These luxury placemats fit into almost any décor and are timeless in design, protecting your table and linens for many years to come. Just as the placemats in the raw collection, these ones are also finished with a protective coating. Due to the very fine pores of the used leather, its really the easiest to clean and will always look, crisp and sharp with just a simple wipe-off, without any visible patina. These top-quality pieces come in a luscious thickness of 2+mm and measure 30 x 43 cm (11,8 x 16,9 inch); the ultimate finishing touch to any table setting!


Custom placemats and coasters with logo

When used in a professional setting, leather placemats and coasters are sure to add loads of authentic character and class to your restaurant or bar. But you can really dot the I’s with custom placemats or coasters, personalized with your company logo on them. Whether you prefer black ones brown ones, round or square, luxury or economy, plain or structured, embossed, laser engraved or stamped: we know our way around the kitchen to make your name stand out. We know that you are proud of your business and it’s our pleasure to help you set the tables in a way that will be remembered long after the meal. Get in touch with us for a free consultation advise on what we could do for you.  

All non-professional chefs who are ready to upgrade their table to the next level, or are looking for the most spectacular leather gift for someone really special: we invite you to have a look at our collection of stunning leather placemats and coasters which are all available from stock right here.