8 tips to get ready for the BBQ season

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8 tips to get ready for the BBQ season

Temperatures are starting to rise, and summer is approaching fast. We already took our leather  bbq apron out of the storage at the first ray of sunlight. When we think of summer, we immediately start to think of outdoor barbecue party's. As a matter of fact, summer is often referred to as bbq season. The best season of the year without a doubt, especially for the real fans. If you want to make the most of this amazing season, and learn how to become a king of the grill, you have to make sure you’re fully prepared. Here’s how!

1) Take good care of your grill

The grill is, of course, the most important factor of a good barbeque. Taking care of your most important piece of outdoor cooking equipment is the first step. If you have any problems with your grill, make sure you’re aware of this long before the season kicks off. Make some time to inspect your grill, from top to bottom, and see if it’s in perfect condition. If not, make sure you fix this problem as soon as possible. In the case you have to replace it, do it long before summer starts. You don’t want to be late to this party.

2) Clean up your grilling gear

A dirty grill and grilling gear is going to have an impact on the taste of the dishes you'll be preparing. Therefore you should make sure your bbq and your tools are as clean as it can get. Not only will the meat taste better, it will also be cleaner and thus better and more safe for your health. Scrub it like it’s hot! Yourself and your friends will be thankful.


3) Get yourself a leather apron

You can’t start bbq season without a leather bbq apron, at least not in our opinion. A real man has a real leather mens apron. Why should you use a leather apron? Simple:
  • A leather bbq apron protects you against the heat of the barbeque
  • leather aprons make sure you’re protected against stains, splashes and sparks
  • With the apron it’s easy to have your grill tools and towel always ready
  • Last but not least; they just look really tough and manly

A custom leather apron is even better. With your own name or logo the apron is truly yours, and yours only. So, get yourself a good leather bbq apron as soon as possible!


4) Make sure you have the right table accessories

A grill and a leather apron are the first steps, but some good additional table accessories are just as important. What do you absolutely need to make your table setting to be remembered, long after the meal?
  • Start with some great leather placemats to frame your dishes in style
  • then add some sturdy plates and cutlery, for sure don't miss out on some impressive steak knives here!
  • A leather knife roll or knife pouch to safe store and show-off your uber manly chef knives while cutting the meat
  • Some awesome oven mitts or potholders 
  • Rugged looking table decor like some leather napkin rings or sturdy bottle coolers to finish it off

5) Buy some good booze

What’s a bbq without some good booze? Right, it doesn’t count as a real barbeque. Whatever you and your friends like to drink the most while gathering around the fire, make sure you got some options to serve. First of all, beer. You can’t get away with a bbq with your friends without some beers. Secondly, some good old whiskey. Real men like to prepare meat on the grill and eat the meat with friends, while sipping on a good glass of whiskey (especially Jack Daniels is a BBQ favorite!). Last of all, some good wine might be really good with some sorts of meat. If you like wine or like to prepare meat that’s a great combination with wine, make sure you also have good wine options available.

6) Start looking for some good BBQ recipes

A good grill, a good leather apron, the right accessories and good booze are great, but it doesn't mean a thing if the meat tastes like crap. You have to make sure you’re able to prepare some really amazing recipes. Start looking for some recipes you like, and look for new ones from time to time. Have a look at our BBQ recipe blogs for some great inspiration! Make sure you have great marinades or seasoning mixes for your meat. When you want to make the most out of your BBQ season, you can’t afford to just stick with the same dishes over and over again. Prepare some new foods as well. When doing this, you and your friends will never get bored of your BBQ’s. 

7) Prepare your garden

Your garden is the place where the magic happens. Therefore you need to make sure your garden is ready for action. Clean up your terrace, get rid of weeds and stuff like that and make it nice and ready for your guests. Tip: leather aprons are also great work aprons while gardening! Add some light strings and lanterns, they are a great decor feature for long summer evenings. It’s also important to have enough seats. Nobody likes to stand on their feet the whole evening, and no one likes to cut the meat in his lab. So make sure you have a good table, and enough seats for all your friends to fit. No garden? No problem! Roll your leather bbq apron in a bag, pack your knives in your leather knife roll, and simply take your grill to the park.


8) Make sure you’re in good company

Everything is better in good company, and a bbq is no exception. Don't just barbeque for your own family. Invite some people over, and get ready to entertain them, the more the merrier! Threat them with good food, nice drinks and some good laughter. The summer is a perfect time for all of this. Enjoy the company, enjoy the meat, enjoy the weather and have a great time. The summer is great, there is no reason at all to not fully enjoy this time of the year.

If you are not yet ready for bbq season, no worries. But now is the time to start preparing, so you won't be late to the party. The temperatures are already starting to rise, the summer is closer than you might think. Put on you best leather bbq apron and get started! If you're fully prepared, we can assure you will be nothing less then a real grillmaster. Enjoy those long summer nights!

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