“The Bistro” Leather Waist Apron – Vintage

“The Bistro” Leather Waist Apron – Vintage


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This sturdy genuine waist apron apron from Brickwalls and Barricades is indispensable for every Kitchen Prince(es) or BBQ-Master. But also in a business environment such as a bar, restaurant, coffeeshop, foodtruck, workshop, hairsalon, barbershop or tattoo-shop this apron will steal the show.

This artisanal, handcrafted apron is made of our specially developed apron-leather in the color Vintage and trimmed with full grain leather detailing of superior quality in Tan color. The apron has a sturdy metal snap-ring to the front where you hang your towel or attach any tools or accessories easily within reach and is also equipped with two pockets to store all your needs.

The special stain-resistant coating makes sure any spillages on the apron can easily be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth only. To keep the apron in optimum condition, we recommend occasional use of our special, 100% natural leatherwax for leather aprons (available in our webshop).



  • handcrafted by very experienced Dutch craftsmen
  • every apron has its own unique characteristics
  • natural product whose authentic character will be enhanced during its lifetime



  • shoulderstraps for the most comfortable wearing
  • made of special developed light-weight apron-leather (only 800 grams total)
  • the leather will with time just get smoother and be moulding to your body


Low Maintenance:

  • apron is treated with special stain-resistant coating
  • easy cleaning with damp cloth only
  • occasional maintenance with our special, 100% natural leatherwax for leather aprons (available in our webshop)


A Sustainable choice:

  • natural product with very long product-lifecycle and timeless design




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