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The purchases you make today have an impact on tomorrow. Brickwalls and Barricades offers you sustainable alternatives for the standard textile aprons. Textiles, such as cotton (of which most aprons are made of), have a negative impact on our planet. To cultivate one cotton apron, for example, requires pesticides and about 10,000 to 20,000 liters of water. We can think of much better applications for all of that precious water.

Leather tanning is one of the oldest and sustainable crafts in our world today. Our hides are a by-product of our food sources and tanned leather is perhaps the best use of a waste product in the history of the world. Leather has provided man with clothing, shelter and protection since time immemorial, and today we use this wonderful organic material for aprons. Think about how many liters of water and toxic detergent are needed to wash all those aprons for all of your staff, every single day. The only maintenance our leather aprons need is a simple wipe-off and occasional waxing. Sounds good right? Stop washing, start waxing!

We are aware of the impact of leather production on our world. We therefore strive to ensure that with the purchasing of our tanned skins, our European suppliers fully comply with all environmental regulations (often exceeding such standards), for the least possible impact on air, water and land. Modern tanning is a process that is constantly evolving and producing continuous innovations. Organic methods such as vegetable tanning or various forms of fully chromium-free tanning promote an even higher level of environmental awareness by this industry. Brickwalls and Barricades has leather product offerings in all of these categories, and we plan to continue expanding our range of environmentally conscious products in the future.

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Low Maintenance



Our aprons are made of specially developed, high quality European. Each apron is handcrafted by artisanal Dutch craftsmen. This way every apron is unique with their own little characteristics. Because leather is an organic product that breathes, the apron gets more beautiful over time and wear and the authentic look will be enhanced.



In contrast to traditional leather aprons, our aprons are very light weight (only 700 grams) and very flexible. This makes our aprons very comfortable to wear, even for daily use. The adjustable neck-strap, the comfortable leather neck patch and the easy adjustable waist strap assures a perfect fit for the skinny ladies right up to the big guys.



Our special developed leather is provided with an unique stain repellant coating so your apron needs very little maintenance. Any spillages (including coffee, red wine or oil) can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth and natural soap if necessary. To keep your leather apron in the best condition, occasional use of our special maintenance wax for leather aprons is strongly recommended. You can order our leather apron wax HERE.



As the incomparable durability of our products means a guaranteed, long product life-cycle, you can rest assured knowing that our aprons will last a very long time and might even become a (family) heirloom. Unlike fabric aprons, our leather aprons only get better and more beautiful wear after wear. Due to the easy maintenance, there will be also be no extra environmental load (or extra costs) on cleaning and the number of aprons needed in a business environment can also be reduced due to this.

custom designs

Chef’s, barrista’s, brewers, waiters, butchers, bakers, pitmasters, foodtruck-owners, woodworkers, mechanics, welders, crafters, hairdressers, barbers, tattoo-artists, florists…. We can offer a leather apron to suit all of your requirement, whatever you do. We can create awesome custom aprons and accessories that will truly capture the style and essence of your company or brand. Wether you need our aprons to be customized with your own company name or logo, or that you require a fully custom design from scratch to fit your needs, we take care of it! Or do you perhaps want matching, placemats, cupholders, menu-card, pillows, or your nest greatest idea to go with your aprons? Awesome, because we are up for the challenge!


Or do you want to sell our Brickwalls and Barricades brand in your shop? We couldn’t be more proud!


Please reach out to us for more information on what we can do for you!

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